Commercial Metal Roofing Products

There are different types of metal roofing used for commercial buildings. These include corrugated metal panels, standing seam panels and architectural metallic panels.

 Corrugated Metal Panels 

     The corrugated metal roofing has been in use for several decades. This type of roofing is made up of a series of interlocking horizontal and vertical steel sheets that are layered together to form the roof system, with additional steel sheets used to seal the top and bottom ends of each panel. This type of roofing has a good span rating, but this also depends on the pitch selected.
     The corrugated metal roof panels are designed with raised ridges or corrugations that also requires some commercial waterproofing. Since the metal sheets are not fastened to each other, the panels have a tendency to expand and contract with changing temperatures; this is known as thermal expansion. This can cause ripples in the seams of the panels. At extreme temperature changes, rain water can also collect inside the corrugated metal roofing panels, which will rust over time if not sealed properly.
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    Other materials available also include: Alternatives like shingles and panels made out of steel, aluminum, or copper; the type depends on your climate, the building's construction style (like gable roofs) and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. The more exposed a particular area is to weather, the stronger it should be built. In hurricane regions and high-wind areas like Florida, roofs often incorporate upraised sections called wind breaks that disrupt gusts before they can do any damage.

     By keeping heat from escaping through attic vents, metal roofing reduces cooling in summer, and the heavier roof can increase snow loads on the walls. Thus, metal roofs are not recommended for unheated buildings in cold climates.

 What are the benefits to commercial metal roofing? 

     There are many different benefits to different types of metal roofing used for commercial buildings. This is a permanent roofing that requires little maintenance. The main benefits of metal roofs are listed below:

     • The application for commercial building is relatively easy and cost effective as well. Commercial Roofing Contractors must abide by local code requirements, and should be considered when planning to use this type of roof in your project. This roofing can last up to 50 years or longer if properly maintained. Metal roofing materials have high fire rating, which makes them safe for buildings with wood framing members and large quantity of combustible contents inside that need protection against fire hazards such as offices, apartments or schools.

     • Metal roofs are available in various finishes making it possible to select the one that will blend best with your stylish décor especially if the building built houses multiple tenants. It also comes in different colors, which will match your building design and architecture. Metal roofs do not come with extra maintenance cost for painting or reducing its lifespan due to rusting.

     • Metal roof systems are less vulnerable against impact, which causes dents on the surface of other materials like wood shake shingles or asphalt shingle. As a result, metal roofing is often used in areas prone to lightning strike as it does not conduct electricity and prevent fires from starting inside buildings during thunderstorms. It also resists pollution that can cause disintegration and discoloration unless proper measures are done.

     • Metal roofing products last longer when compared to commercial asphalt shingles and cedar shakes because they resist damage even if subjected to severe weather elements like rain, ice, snow or wind storms. They are also fire-resistant. As the result, they do not need to be replaced regularly unlike other roofing materials that might require frequent maintenance in order to keep them looking nice. In addition, these roofs come with a warranty from the manufacturers against defects and workmanship which means it will last for years without any problems.

     • Metal roof is affordable as well as relatively easy to install even though there are companies that offer installation services at additional cost. This type of rooftop lasts much longer because it requires little or no maintenance in terms of cleaning or painting to preserve its shine or color, repair broken commercial tile areas and replace deteriorated parts. Its edges do not have exposed nails like asphalt shingles so you don't have shinny lines along your buildings walls.

     • Metal roof is fire-resistant as well that can protect your property and building contents from damage and fire hazards. Metal roofing does not absorb heat that can cause condensation in the inner space of a building causing discomfort for its occupants. The texture might be a little rougher than asphalt roof but this ensures water run-off with less leaks so there will be no leakage damages to worry about. It also absorbs sound waves, which means it can reduce noise pollution caused by traffic below or noisy passersby on sidewalks or streets if you have an apartment rooftop deck.

     The best thing about metal roofs is that it requires minimal maintenance cost unlike asphalt shingles which need regular cleaning to remove dirt particles built up on top of them hence reducing their yellowing and fading. They require additional maintenance cost for repairing or replacing broken shingles while the metal roof is free from damage as it is strong, durable and long lasting that will serve you well for years to come if maintained properly.

 What is the life span or life expectancy of commercial metal roofing? 

     Metal roof systems are rated with a 50 - 70 year lifespan on average. When compared to wood shakes and cedar shingles that need frequent replacement due to natural weather wear and tear encountered every year, it's a real bargain. This means it requires longer service life so you can save much money in the long run on your building upgrade needs. It does not need painting like wooden shakes, cedar or asphalt shingles because they discolor due to heat or sunlight exposure. Metal roof also offers a variety of finishes such as faux tiles, metal shakes, wood shakes and slate to match your residential or commercial building design.

     The only disadvantage of a metal roof they are visible from the street due to its metallic look but if you use faux tiles then it can minimize this downside. It also does not absorb heat like asphalt shingles causing further problems with dampness and humidity inside buildings during summer months which is more than enough reason for some people to prefer them over other types of roofing materials.  This is something to consider before doing a commercial roof replacement.

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      Metal roofs come in different colors like black, silver, copper and green that will blend well with any type of architecture or home design because they have a long lasting finish and unique look so you don't have to worry about its quality or appearance even after years of service.

     The most common metals used are aluminum alloy and galvanized steel, although other alloys exist from which metal roofs are manufactured. Aluminum will be used whenever possible on commercial projects in the US and Canada because it is highly corrosion resistant to both air and water. It also has a significant advantage over steel in that when exposed to high heat from the sun, aluminum will naturally expand more than steel — allowing for better bridge flashing details which are often required on warehouses or other large commercial flat roof buildings.
     Another advantage of metal roofing systems is the ability to finish them off with an integral coating system, making them more durable against hail impact damage as well as UV exposure. Metal roofs can also come in hipped or flat styles (meaning their slope is equal at every angle), or they can be shaped into either standing seam panels or tile shapes such as barrel tiles popular in California and Florida commercial areas where this type of roof style is more aesthetically pleasing. However, metal roofs are also very heavy compared to other types of roofing systems — making their installation much more costly and time consuming than single-ply modified bitumen systems such as SBS or EPDM rubber roofs especially when it comes to commercial roof repairs.
     Metal roof manufacturers include American Metal Roofs (AMR), CertainTeed , Duroline (A Shaw Co.), GAF , PBI/Polyguard (FlexShield), and Tarkett's Weathershield division.  Keep an eye out for a great Metal Roofing Distributor.
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