Commercial Roofing Fully Adhered Polymeric Underlayment

     These are the most advanced type of commercial flat roofing products available on the market today — which is not surprising given their recent evolution in design and methods used for construction purposes (along with other similar breakthroughs). Unlike both roll-on and fully adhered single piece products discussed above, this category does NOT require any additional layers of support structure underneath them when used during new construction or repair phases; making it ideal for use as a complete roof covering material where no underlying substrates exist through which air and moisture can penetrate prior to the installation of this type.

 Fully Adhered Polymeric Underlayment category consists of three main types: 

    • Spray-applied urethane: Spray-applied polyurethane roofing is a popular material used to cover commercial roofs. It's a less expensive alternative to conventional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, and it has the added benefits of being lighter in weight, not absorbing moisture as much as asphalt shingles do, more resistant to wind damage and being more energy efficient.

• Extruded polyolefin: Extruded polyolefin roofing is a kind of thermoplastic polymer. It features: high tensile strength, high impact resistance, excellent weatherability, heat corrosion resistance and other characteristics.
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• Elastomeric polymer modified bitumen: Elastomeric polymer modified bitumen is a synthetic rubber based coating applied to a substrate of felt paper, organic or mineral fibers, or asphalt saturated felt and used in roofing to provide protection against water and fire. The use of elastomeric polymer modified bitumen for roofing applications is an innovative concept which has been developed since the late 1960s. The first large scale application was on automobile tops but the process soon evolved into full roof systems for buildings, parking garages, multi-story structures and other uses. Because of its high flexibility and elasticity characteristics it could be applied over existing roofs with little or no preparation.
    The elastomeric polymer modified bitumen is used most often in commercial flat roofing applications for areas that have no underlying substrates between the gutters and/or parapet walls, along with those installations that require a completely solid waterproof material without relying on any other type of support structure underlayment or membrane directly underneath it. This makes these products attractive for use as a complete covering material where no other underlying layers exist, or even as a repair layer over previously failed roll-on systems — whose primary purpose was to temporarily solve problems with underlying issues instead of becoming a permanent solution to them.

 Can I order elastomeric polymer roofing coating in different colors? 

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     These products are not as readily available in colors, but can be special ordered in most shades or black/grey — depending on the project's needs; and unlike roll-on systems, these types don't require any additional sublayers underneath it due to their single piece fully adhered design construction. These commercial roofing maintenance materials come standard as 12 inch tiles measuring anywhere from 3 feet long up to seven feet long (which is an ideal measurement for larger commercial flat roofing projects or large home projects), but can also be cut down into smaller 2 foot by 2 foot sections if needed. This allows contractors to quickly customize their roof covering material for various areas requiring different measurements without having to cut themselves — which is a time-consuming process with roll-on systems. Despite these differences, many of the other commercial flat roofing products discussed above here are also available in this category; such as cap sheets, perimeter seals and accessories that include both mechanical fasteners for self-adhering purposes along with mechanically attached/stacked sheet membranes (such MBs as GAF's Cool Roof Self Adhesive Underlayment , or Diagonal Screed).
     This makes it ideal for use with projects where exposed Fasteners, Screws & Staples are not permissible from a fire safety standpoint due to codes requirements.  MB manufacturers include GAF and Owens Corning to name a couple.
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