West Palm Beach Roof Replacement

West Palm Beach Roof Replacement TipsAt E.W. MacDowell Roofing, we understand that the roof of your home is one of the most important features, and that’s why we take great pride in offering our customers some of the highest-quality roofing services available. If you need a roof replacement in West Palm Beach, our team of experienced professionals will provide you with expert advice and guidance throughout the process, ensuring that your new roof looks as good as it possibly can.

The Secret to Great West Palm Beach Roof Replacement

Taking care of your roof properly can be a challenge, but roof repair replacement in West Palm Beach is a key step in keeping your roof repair cost low. If you take care of problems while they are still small, they won’t be able to grow into the kinds of issues that could lead to expensive roof replacement. While you may be tempted to try to take care of roof replacement on your own (and indeed, there are many simple tasks to help keep your roof healthy that you can accomplish solo), your time is valuable; why not trust a reputable roof replacement company like E.W. MacDowell Roofing to handle the job so you can spend your days doing what you love instead?

West Palm Beach Roof Replacement CostMany people are confused about roof repair contracting and envision huge price tags for services that they don’t really understand. But roof replacement in West Palm Beach doesn’t have to break the bank, nor does it have to be an obscure process. At E.W. MacDowell Roofing, we pride ourselves on our well-deserved reputation built on honesty, transparency, a world-class work ethic, and a firm commitment to excellence and great customer service. If you are worried about either the cost or the procedure when it comes to roof and gutter replacement, give us a call; we’ll be happy to walk you through the steps to achieving great results at a low price.

There are a fair number of roof repair replacement tasks that you can tackle on your own, but nothing can substitute for the touch of an expert. We have a lot of experience, and we handle every job with the same care and attentiveness that we would demonstrate in working on our own homes. Roof work of any kind also carries inherent risks, which our training prepares us to face safely. When you need a roof replacement in West Palm Beach, put your faith in us; you’ll be glad that you did. Why add one more burden to your plate? Let us take care of everything; our track record speaks for itself.

Why Is Roof Replacement in West Palm Beach Important?

West Palm Beach Roof Replacement ComapnyYour roof is what keeps the rest of the world out of your home. Wind, rain, snow, and even animals such as birds and squirrels can all make their way into your house through holes in your roof. As a vital link in the chain of home security, timely roof replacement matters. In addition, the health of your home can be adversely affected if your gutters are not kept clear of debris and firmly mounted; for this reason, roof gutter replacement is another important part of extending the life of your home, no matter what style or material it is.

West Palm Beach Roof Replacement Prevention

The proper care of your roof varies by material and style. Flat roof replacement, slate/asphalt shingle replacement, metal roof replacement, and tile roof replacement are all very different tasks. But regardless of the specific details, eventually, you will need to engage the awesome roof replacement services offered by E.W. MacDowell Roofing. Until then, there are three main things you can do to help preserve your roof.

Keep Trees Clear

Trees that grow too close to the roof of your home not only pose a physical threat due to damage from branches but also give mold and algae spores and animals easier access to your roof, inviting trouble down the line. Part of taking care of your roof is to make sure that trees nearby are trimmed, or even to cut them down or transplant them if necessary.

Wash Your Roof

A power washer will allow you to wash your roof from the ground level safely. A simple mix of detergent, bleach, and water will help to kill vegetation growing on your roof and to prevent it from growing back as easily. Things such as mold and algae can weaken the integrity of your roof, eventually leading to things like leaks and sagging that require repair. Take care of it early, and save yourself a few extra dollars and headaches.

Clear Your Rain Gutter

If you are serious about avoiding roof replacement in West Palm Beach, clearing out your rain gutter (especially in the autumn, when the leaves fall) is critical. Scoop out anything that is blocking it, and spray it out with a hose. If the water doesn’t drain properly, there may be something lodged in the drainage pipe; in this case, get a maintenance service to take care of the problem; be on the lookout for speed, professionalism, and fairness in pricing.

Commercial Roof Replacement in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Roof Replacement CostIf you need a commercial roof replacement in West Palm Beach, you’ll want to look for a company that can offer a wide variety of services. You’ll also want a company that has been in business for some time and has an excellent reputation. You can find these companies by searching online or asking around at local businesses; it’s always better to go with someone who is highly recommended than someone who isn’t well-known. A commercial roof replacement in West Palm Beach can make a huge difference to your business. If you’re looking for a company that can provide this service, contact us today.


There are so many factors involved that it is hard to gauge exactly how much a given job will cost without an expert eye, so if you want a competitive quote on your roof replacement, call us today; we will come out and give you a fair price for the very best roof replacement service in town. And, if your roof doesn’t need to be replaced yet, we’ll tell you that too.

Ask around, and read the reviews. Do your homework. Any of our prior customers will tell you that we are the premiere local roof replacement contractor. We work fast; we work hard; we work with precision, all while offering world-class customer service and tough-to-beat pricing. We’re convinced that after doing business with us once, you will join the horde of loyal customers that we will look forward to serving well for years to come.
This is one of the most common questions we hear when people are trying to figure out whether or not they need to replace their roofs. The fact is that there are many variables that can affect the timeframe for replacement, including: 
  • The size of the roof
  • The materials being used for the replacement
  • The type of pitch of your roof (steep or flat)
  • What kind of weather you have been experiencing
If your roof is leaking or has sustained any damage from weather-related events like hurricanes or tropical storms, then it’s probably time for a new one! If your roof is showing signs of age, such as shingles curling or cracking, or the granules have fallen off, and you can see the felt underneath, it may also be time for a replacement. A professional roofer will be able to tell you if there are any signs that your roof needs to be replaced.