3 Warning Signs That You Might Need A New Roof

Do you need a roof replacement?

Water dripping into your living room usually suggests a roof replacement is needed, or at the very least some serious roof repairs. But aside from the obvious, what are some other warning signs that can help home owners determine when it might be time to look into having a new roof installed?

Below are just a few tips that should help you know when it’s probably time to have some roof work done on your home.

What is the roof’s age?

As the old saying goes, nothing lasts forever. Generally speaking, a roof usually lasts between 20 and 25 years, so if you’re coming up on the quarter-century milestone for your current roof, chances are you’ll need a new roof installed sooner rather than later.

How many broken tiles does your roof have?

Broken tiles are another obvious warning sign that it may be time to replace the roof. While just a few broken tiles won’t cause much harm, an excessive number of broken tiles means a full roof replacement is recommended for your home.

Are you seeing moss growth?

Moss growth is more of a problem for roofs that don’t get a lot of sunlight. And while moss growth tends to be more of a cosmetic issue, it’s also possible for it to hold moisture and cans damage over time to roof shingles. Also remember that while moss can certainly be brushed off a roof, doing so won’t guarantee it won’t grow back.

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