About Us

Thank you for visiting E.W. MacDowell Incorporated: your premier South Florida roofing company. Since starting our business back in 2001, our focus has always been on providing the highest quality roofing services in the area while also staying active in communities and neighborhoods throughout South Florida. If you’re interested in our services, we specialize in roof repairs, re-roofs, flat roofs, and creative solutions to expand the life expectancy of existing roof structures.

A Story of a Roofing Contractor Coming to Life

E.W. MacDowell Inc. was founded by Evans W. MacDowell, a 3rd generation native Floridian, who grew up in West Palm Beach. Mr. MacDowell was taught at a young age about a hard days work and to do things right or do not do them at all. As a teenager he apprenticed with several of the old time roofers as a laborer, a hot mop applicator, torch man, dry in assistant as well as a flashing mechanic. He became a field supervisor and was responsible for numerous roofing projects both large and small; residential and commercial. As time progressed he evolved into a roof leak locator and spent much of his days crawling through attics searching for the source of water intrusion.


Honesty Is A Roofer's Best Policy​

When we come out to observe your roof, we will give you the truth. We like to say that we are your roof’s ambassador. It tells us what it’s condition is. It tells us the state of the paper and cap sheet membranes as well as the condition of the wood sheeting. It is our job to translate everything to you and present you with the best options. On a daily basis we talk someone out of a re-roof. Many times they are told by other roofers that the roof is old and needs to be changed. Although replacing a roof is always an option, it does not mean it is the only one. We have ways of testing the field areas of the roof.

These procedures help us understand the life expectancy of a roof and the overall condition. If leaks are located we add up the total sq. footage of the areas and compare that to the rest of the roof. If it exceeds 25 % than we recommend replacing the structure. Please note that every roof is different, and each roof is in a different condition. It is imperative that we come out and perform a thorough inspection if you are on the fence about which direction to go. Regardless of the condition, from us you will get the truth.

Great Roofers Pay Attention To Details

On all of our jobs there is always additional work required that is usually out of our scope of work. Many times it is overhanging limbs or trees that rub up against the roof and cause future issues. In cases such as these we will ask your permission while onsite and if granted will cut these limbs for you at no additional cost. Most often when water damaged wood is found it is accompanied by mold. Once we remove the water damaged and molded wood we also take the initiative to treat any additional mold with algae inhibitors to kill all remaining mold spores. All wet insulation is removed along with all the saturated wood crumbs that may be present in the ceiling spaces.

Our Roofing Standard Operating Procedures


When we change fascia wood we make sure our seems are straight and that the new wood installed jives with the existing wood. We’ll prime the new wood and paint it to match. If there are small fascia blemishes in the fascia wood than we fill them with fiberglass, sand them, prime them and then paint them. It’s always our priority to replace every broken roof tile or seal them if they are loose. If they are cracked, then we replace them. We consider broken or loose roof tiles a by product of the repairs we are already there to execute and therefore don’t charge. MacDowell only charges additional if it is a substantial amount that requires assistance.

We also make sure that our job sites are clean by running magnets around the perimeter base at the end of each day. This allows us to make sure no nails are accidentally left behind. After our nail check, we usually spend an hour at the end of the day making sure that the job site is clean and orderly. MacDowell’s goal is to keep everyone happy and a clean job site is also great for safety.

We take digital photos of our work to show you what we found and how we fixed it.

Experienced & Efficient Roofers

We make sure repairs get done right the first time! This has created an environment for us where we have had no recalls so far. Considering we have experienced many hurricanes  here in FL, this is an accomplishment we are very happy about.

On a final note, we want you to know that it has taken us years to perfect our methods of installation. We execute our workmanship in a manner that others do not.

Our evolution has brought us to this point in our profession by making all the mistakes one can make. However, mistakes are a big positive for us because we learn from them. This is why we are at the top of the list in what we do. If you are looking for positive results and you don’t want to deal with a leaking roof anymore, call E.W. MacDowell Inc. We look forward to working with you.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Please feel free to contact us with any of your roofing questions. We look forward to working with you.