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What Questions Do You Have About Roofing?

  Why you need to know about roof materials and options before starting a roofing project. 

     We are all wondering what the reasons are for different materials and how they affect a roofing system on homes and buildings.  Now you have a little more education when it comes to picking out the right product for your humble abode.

     There are so many different choices and each material has it's characteristic that makes it unique from the others.  These can be a lot of things from durability, weatherproofing, insulating, reflectivity, cosmetic, and structurally supporting.
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  Here is a list of 15 fast facts regarding materials and different options available to you.  

 What does a roof do? 

     This may seem like a super simple answer, but once people start to think of it as an investment it makes a lot more sense.  A roof serves as the outermost layer of your house. It is responsible for protecting both the inside and outside of your home from rain, wind, sleet, snow and heat. In addition to this basic function, roofs also increase a home's property value and durability – making them a necessity rather than an aesthetic feature on any building.

 How long does a typical roof last? 

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     Depending on whether you live in a dry or humid climate, what type of material your roof is made from and which side of the house faces more sun exposure – roofs usually last between 20-50 years . This may seem like quite a range but with proper maintenance during those decades (and up to 60-80 years in optimal conditions) this estimate is quite accurate. 

 When do I need to get a new roof? 

This question cannot be answered with an exact day. If your roof's age has reached the 20-30 year mark, it may be wise to consider repairs and/or maintenance before any noticeable damage occurs. The best way of determining when you should call for a replacement (aside from the obvious deterioration of the materials) is going by certain warning signs such as leaks in various places, an increase in noise during rainfall, visible cracks or the presence of moss on your roof .

 Where does one even start when planning out a roofing project? 

     There are a few things you must take into consideration before planning out your roofing project. First, the location of your house is important since you must be able to access it with heavy machinery. You should also know if there are any nearby power lines which could potentially shut down electrical grids in the vicinity for an indefinite period of time . If possible, try to avoid working during windy days or whenever rain is forecasted; this will prevent you from having to stop midway through your work due to unsafe weather conditions.

 What's the difference between 'roof shingles' and 'shingles'? 

     Technically speaking, both terms refer to asphalt based (often fiber cement) tiles that are installed on a roof . Roof shingles are usually thinner than shingles and lack the protective mineral granules that are placed on top of shingles. They are usually used for aesthetic purposes since they provide a uniform look on a roof, but without the added bulk.

 How much does it cost to install new shingles? 

     The price of your project will vary depending on several factors including the size of your roof, the current condition of your roof and which material you intend to use . In general, an average residential roof costs between $9,500 - $15,000. It is important to note that this price does not take into consideration any potential plumbing or electrical modifications which may occur from this process.

 Why does a metal roof sound way louder during a rainstorm than my old one? 

     The sound generated by rain hitting a roof is usually due to the air pocket formed underneath the tiles. This vacuum effect occurs when any waterproofing sealant used has lost its elasticity and no longer holds the roof in place, giving way to water infiltration . Replacing your shingle or asphalt tiles with metal ones will help solve this issue as they allow proper drainage which means that your property (and your neighbors!) will be protected from weather damage.

 Can anyone install my new roof? 

     While it is possible for an inexperienced individual to successfully complete a simple installation project with enough funding, we would not recommend it – especially if you require certain safety features such as flashing and ridge caps . These pieces are important because they aim at preventing leaks and keeping your roof watertight. You should always seek out a professional to install these features, especially when you are dealing with certain factors such as age or the type of tiles used.

 What's the difference between 'insulated' and 'non-insulated' shingles? 

     Non-insulated asphalt shingles rely on an air pocket underneath them in order to provide proper drainage during rainfall events. The problem is that this also results in heat accumulation which leads to overheating of the attic space. Insulating your roof will help prevent hot air from accumulating under it and thus reduce any potential discomfort for individuals living in the house. Money wise, insulating your roof will usually return a cost savings since you require less energy to cool your space in the summer.

 Why are ridge caps important when installing tiles? 

     It is pretty simple, without a ridge cap, water can accumulate underneath the tiles rather than being directed towards the guttering system . This will quickly lead to leaks in your roof which could result in expensive damages. The best way to avoid this issue is by investing in appropriate accessories such as flashing and/or ridge caps for your installation project. A professional installer should be able to provide more details on these two products since they are essential pieces of any quality work.

 How will my new roof be installed? 

     There are several ways professionals install roofs (overlapping, interlocking, side lap etc.) . The one that will be used on your roof is usually selected according to the current condition of your roof, climate conditions and aesthetics requirements . Asphalt shingles are usually installed by interlocking which means that they are laid in rows with the lower edge of one course overlapping the upper edge of the adjacent course . Shingles are then typically nailed into place. The important thing to remember is that your installer should always give you a layout plan before starting any installation project.

 How long will my new roof last? 

     Asphalt shingle roofs have an estimated lifespan anywhere between 15-25 years, depending on drainage capabilities and proper ventilation . Metal tile roofs will most often stand up to hail or wind damage because they do not contain organic material (such as asphalt) , thus making them very resistant against weather conditions, but their lifespan also depends on the type of metal used. This is why it is important to always invest in a quality roof, with a reputable manufacturer who stands behind their product.

 What kind of warranty should I expect? 

     Roofing warranties vary from one installation project to another but you should always aim at getting the best deal possible . Some contractors will include the warranty in their pricing which means that you will pay no additional money for it while others charge extra for this protection. It is also important to remember that your warranty may not cover everything since certain issues are bound to occur due to weather conditions or aging . If you are interested in giving new life to your roof, contact our experts today! We can help you select material and accessories for any type of installation project.

 How do I know if my roof needs to be repaired or replaced? 

     It is usually very easy for contractors to tell whether your roof needs to be repaired or if it should be replaced . If you notice any of the following signs (curling, buckles, missing shingles etc.) then your roof may need some type of intervention. You can always call a professional who will inspect your property and give you a free estimate based on their findings. A new asphalt shingle roof typically costs between $6,500 and $16,000 , so don't hesitate to contact a contractor as soon as possible!

 What are the benefits of standing seam metal roofs? 

     One major benefit that these products have over traditional options is their aesthetic appeal . The metal panels create a sleek, modern look that can really improve your home's curb value. Standing seam roofs are also very durable and efficient since they are made to resist all types of weather conditions (wind, hail, snow etc.) . The life expectancy for this type of installation project is 25 years since the metal is rust-resistant. These products are usually more expensive than asphalt shingles but their initial cost will be recovered within 10 years thanks to lower energy bills!
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