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When it comes to commercial shingle roofing, it is a very common type of roofing. Many businesses have flat roofs but that’s not to say that a business can’t have a shingle roof. Shingle roofs are a great choice for a business as it leaves your roof looking beautiful at an affordable price. E.W. MacDowell offers shingle roof repair, maintenance and replacement. Count on us to be there for you throughout your shingle roofs’ life cycle. How can we help?


Shingle roofs do not have the same long life cycle as a tile roof, nor do compare in maintenance as a metal roof, but there is still an advantage to having a shingle roof on your commercial business. Shingle roofs give your building a classic look and they are a cheaper option to protecting your business from outside weather. Our roofing company offers amazing roof repair service and we will provide that to you on a professional level.
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If you already have a shingle roof on your commercial building, then it we ask you this? When was the last time you had it inspected. Maintenance is truly important when it comes to your shingle roof system. A quick inspection from E.W. MacDowell roofing can help you notice some leaks and/or damages that need to be resolved. Maintenance to your shingle roof may help you avoid further damage and keep your business running without a hiccup. Getting an inspection is a great step forward in dodging a roof replacement. Take care of your commercial roof and get it check every so often. If you have any reason to believe that your roof needs some attention, give us a call and let the pros have a look.


Sometimes, in life, a commercial roof needs to be replaced. Yes, that sound dramatic, but it is true. This Florida weather really takes a toll on roof, with constant rain and extremely high temperatures. If you need a roof replacement because it is beyond repair or you simply want a new look for your business, let us strap on our gear and get that shingle roof replacement done for you. With our use of high grade materials and professionalism onsite, you will be more than happy. In time a shingle roof is no longer to defend against leaks and other damage, so allow us to determine if a roof replacement is the right choice for you.



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