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Shingle roofs are the most popular roofs homeowners choose to date. Not only is it very affordable, there are many styling and color options when it comes to a shingle roof. Shingle roofs are a great choice for a homeowner. Very visually appealing and quite affordable. Our roofing company offers shingle roof repair, replacement and maintenance. You can count on use to provide you with a great service throughout your shingle roofs life cycle. We are here to help.


As it is known, a shingle roof does not last as long as a tile roof or have the low maintenance as that of a metal roof, but there are still several advantages to having a shingle roof on your home. Not only do they provide a classic look to your home, they are an affordable deterrent to the outside weather conditions. We offer great shingle roof repair. Our team of experts are well versed in the handling of a shingle roof and will provide you with a very professional experience.
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Your shingle roof is like any other portion of your home, that it may need some maintenance from time to time. Especially with the complex weather that Florida has to offer. It is very important to have your roof inspected for any signs of damage and immediately remedy the situation to avoid any further damage. As we know further damage can mean a more expensive repair or replacement. Take care of your roof and have it checked out every now and then. If you have any suspicion that you may have a roof issue, don’t risk ignoring it, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you.


You may need a roof replacement for many reasons. Maybe some terrible weather damaged your roof beyond repair or maybe you simply want a new roof and look. Whatever the reason E.W. MacDowell Roofing is more that ready to help you with your shingle roof replacement. We use high grade materials and put in the work to make sure you are happy with your new, beautiful roof. Shingle roofs do whither as time passes, eventually they are more prone to leaks which can damage more of your home. Call us now and we will help you plan your brand new roof project.


Your shingle roof is not going to last forever, but with some good maintenance and repair when needed, you can make it last a long time. Don’t let small leaks turn into bigger problems and headaches. Most bigger roofing issues can be avoided. If a bigger problem does arise, breathe and make the call to E.W. MacDowell Roofing.


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