Roof Replacement

We go out of our way to insure that the roof repair on your home or business is cosmetically uniform. Not only do we want to make sure the roof stops leaking, but we also want it to look appealing. This means no mismatched roof tiles. This is not always an easy task, but it is one which we are far more competent than many of our competitors.

We use rubberized base sheets which are more integrated than its paper counterpart and granulate all of our tie in seems. Although this is not a building code requirement, we prefer to do it that way because it ensures positive results. When we apply our flashings to roof to wall joints, all substrates for homes and businesses are primed using asphalt primers first. This creates better adhesion and insures that the commercial asphalt or home shingles applied will bond properly to the metal in the correct manner. In addition, all of our installers are capable of fabricating metal flashing onsite to accommodate most any roofing structure. This is a huge reason why we are 98% successful in our roofing repairs and hardly ever get a call back..

Our Warranty Gives You Peace-of-Mind!
It should also be noted that our warranties on repairs is better than the rest. We warranty all of our repair work for the remaining lifespan of the roof. This doesn’t mean the entire roof of course, but it does mean that we stand behind the areas that we repair for as long as the roof is on your house. We encourage you to ask whoever you are getting quotes from what their warranty is on repairs. When you compare their answers to ours the choice will be clear.